Glenn Pakulak

Glenn talks about his '70s costume, double date, and supporting good causes.

on Sep 6, 2011

My very good friend Brett and I were excited for our double date with Neill and Bree. Brett, I can honestly say is one of the most genuine friends that I have ever had. He is a young kid (I consider him my little brother), who just turned 23. I could tell he was a bit nervous from the beginning of the date. Bree and I were having fun, but maybe I shouldn't have left him and Neill alone as much, since I could tell they didn't have a whole lot in common. I give him a lot of credit for stepping up to the plate for me and being a good friend and wingman so that I could meet Neill's friend gorgeous friend Bree, who I got along great with. (Thanks Brett, I owe you one.) I think part of the reason Neill wasn't having fun was because she saw that Bree and I were, and it perhaps annoyed her in a sense, maybe wishing she was hanging out with me. (LOL.)