Glenn Pakulak

Glenn explains his strategy for beating Matt at the Bachelor Auction.

on Aug 30, 2011

Hey everyone! I have been waiting patiently to blog about this episode! I don't really know exactly where to dive in, so I guess I'll start with Courtney breaking the news about the Bachelor Auction to Matt and me. We were having a nice relaxing brunch, and she decides to hit us with the news that we will be auctioning our "packages" to help raise money for Leukemia research. I was more than excited, because anytime I get the chance to do something fun that involves some underlying competition (and more importantly is for a great cause) I am all in! 

The day of the auction… Let the games begin! Once the auction started, I knew I'd really have to cover the room quickly and not let Matt lay any groundwork. Being the former 1998 Lapeer East High School class flirt, this stuff is easy! I was doing well, everything was going as planned, and then all of a sudden Drew decides he wants to bid on me! I was thinking, "What is going on here?" Drew has deep pockets, so I started to get a bit worried. He may win, but like I said in the interview, he can call it date and I'll simply refer to it as grabbing some lunch with a good buddy.