Glenn Pakulak

Glenn appreciates that his agent is honest and hopes that Neill and Courtney can work it out.

on Aug 22, 2011

Later in the episode you see Drew and I working out a bit together and catching up. It's funny, because when I first met Drew, I didn't think we'd get along because I can be perceived as "jock" or whatever you want to call it, since I play sports and workout. Drew is a cool guy though and funny as heck! The stuff he says has me laughing my a-- off on a regular basis. I'm glad to have him as a buddy! I may be able to beat him in a race on foot, but I promise my classic Cadillac wouldn't stand a chance against all his damn Porsches! 

Now let's all take a moment, bow our heads, and pray that Courtney and Neill can figure out their differences! Haha! Hope you all enjoyed. Until next time!