A Bit Speechless

Matt was shocked how things played out at the girls' dinner.

I think it is sufficient to say that my position here is not an easy one. After the dinner I was clearly not happy with the way Neill was treated. This is not about taking sides or enjoying a good debate, it's about doing what's right. I have always been a firm believer that people should not be judged due to their situation, whether it be race, religion, orientation, or any other stereotype before having a chance to show who they really are. 

Courtney and I decided to go to dinner, which we often do, to discuss what happened. Regardless of our differences, the one thing that we always do is take the time to talk about it no matter who's right or wrong. There is nothing that can be said or done here to convince me that her actions are justified. I do however appreciate Courtney's protective nature and love her for that most of the time. 

One thing I have to say is that Drew is hilarious...what an adventure it looks like to utilize a matchmaker. I wonder what Patti Stanger thinks about this?

I enjoyed the pool scene, mostly because Mamma Kerr is in it and she was kind with her words...Court should listen to her mother more often. 

Tara is in a tough situation because of all the things already going on in her life with the charity and her business and now having to be the middle person between some of her closest friends. We are all thankful that it's Tara however; she makes each of our lives that much better because she's genuine, honest, and caring. 

I really enjoyed my dinner with Kat, Brittnye, and Shannon...beautiful inside and out. We are like family and we do meals like this quite often. Friends of the opposite sex should all be able to go to dinner and not be judged. 

As for the last scene, I'm a bit speechless! I guess in life sometimes things simply get worse before they get better. I'm proud of all three ladies for taking the "bull by the horns" and getting together...that's not easy to do when tension is at a high.  All I know is that this situation needs to come to a resolution, because it makes life way to complicated.  

We have just launched www.MattNordgren.com which has an in depth blog discussing thoughts on what's happening, and I promise to answer questions, comments, and concerns. Please visit the site and click on "Matt's Charity" (www.TheLeadershipFoundation.org) for information about the amazing things we are doing to help the underprivileged youth in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Have a blessed week, and thanks for the support.

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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Glenn may be sad about leaving Dallas, but he's looking forward to spending time with Rebecca.

Since this is the last episode, I am pretty bummed out! I am heading to Oakland, CA. Although I am going to miss all my friends here in Dallas, it's time for me to get back to work and start training for the football season coming up. Not to mention the fact that Rebecca lives in San Francisco and I will be able to hang out with her in such an amazing city (the same city where we first met).

It was fun getting Matt back out on the football field and having him throw the ball around with me and my buddy Brett (who is actually the punter now for the Houston Texans). I have known Brett for about eight years now and consider him the little brother that I always wanted.

It was hard for me at dinner to tell everyone that I was leaving. I didn't really know where to start, so I just came out and said it. I think I caught everyone by surprise, but they all knew eventually I was going to have to head back out there. They just didn't know when. I'm going to miss them while I am gone!

Neill's concert was a blast! She has such a catchy and pretty voice to say the least! It was definitely a good way to send me off, having everyone there and enjoying each other's company. I really hope this isn't the last time I talk with you guys. I enjoyed writing these blogs each week and hearing your responses.

In our downtime follow me on Twitter @glennpakulak. Until next time!

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