Matt Nordgren

Matt explains how his charity has helped him grow as a person.

on Sep 26, 2011

This episode is by far the one that hits home the most. It's very emotional and descriptive. I learned a lot about my relationships on many levels, as well as learning more about who I am as a man. 

Drew and I especially have some major conflict that I truly believe had an impact on our friendship in a positive way and how I approach things in life even beyond that. I want to first clear the air with respect to Drew's commitment to not drinking alcohol. I was 100 percent wrong to not be more aware of it and address the issue with the sensitivity that it deserves. When you see me apologize to him for this, I don't even think it does justice to how truly sorry I felt for challenging something I admire him for and which is so important in his life. In fact, and everyone in the show can attest, I have not had a sip of beer or liquor in almost five months now. I feel better than ever -- to me there is no positive side to losing time on hangovers and poor decisions. Red wine is the only thing that will touch my lips, and honestly it may be there for the rest of my life.