Matt Nordgren

Matt explains how his charity has helped him grow as a person.

on Sep 26, 2011

I do however take it to heart when challenged regarding my intention and integrity when it comes the charity. I started The Leadership Foundation (along with Rebecca Hackle and others) for the sole purpose of utilizing the resources that I have been so fortunate to attain in life. To me, things will never be the same. This has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gone through, and my promise is to devote all the time necessary to ensure this is a legacy, which outlives my own lifetime. This is for my family, and for all those that we can possibly touch. 

As for the other scenes in the show, I really enjoyed the double date dinner. Although it may not look like it, Mark and I have become good friends since. Sometimes men like to test each other out in the beginning of a friendship, especially when both are strong A-type individuals. Now that we have moved past that, there are amazing synergies in many areas of life. 

I loved watching this episode, because it's nice to see how much fun it is hanging out with Neill and Maje. He is such an adorable little man, and it felt very comfortable to be around him. It was fun for us to spend time with Glenn and Rebecca as well…they are a power couple, and they are a joy to be around.