A New Outlook

Matt explains how his charity has helped him grow as a person.

This episode is by far the one that hits home the most. It's very emotional and descriptive. I learned a lot about my relationships on many levels, as well as learning more about who I am as a man. 

Drew and I especially have some major conflict that I truly believe had an impact on our friendship in a positive way and how I approach things in life even beyond that. I want to first clear the air with respect to Drew's commitment to not drinking alcohol. I was 100 percent wrong to not be more aware of it and address the issue with the sensitivity that it deserves. When you see me apologize to him for this, I don't even think it does justice to how truly sorry I felt for challenging something I admire him for and which is so important in his life. In fact, and everyone in the show can attest, I have not had a sip of beer or liquor in almost five months now. I feel better than ever -- to me there is no positive side to losing time on hangovers and poor decisions. Red wine is the only thing that will touch my lips, and honestly it may be there for the rest of my life. 

I do however take it to heart when challenged regarding my intention and integrity when it comes the charity. I started The Leadership Foundation (along with Rebecca Hackle and others) for the sole purpose of utilizing the resources that I have been so fortunate to attain in life. To me, things will never be the same. This has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gone through, and my promise is to devote all the time necessary to ensure this is a legacy, which outlives my own lifetime. This is for my family, and for all those that we can possibly touch. 

As for the other scenes in the show, I really enjoyed the double date dinner. Although it may not look like it, Mark and I have become good friends since. Sometimes men like to test each other out in the beginning of a friendship, especially when both are strong A-type individuals. Now that we have moved past that, there are amazing synergies in many areas of life. 

I loved watching this episode, because it's nice to see how much fun it is hanging out with Neill and Maje. He is such an adorable little man, and it felt very comfortable to be around him. It was fun for us to spend time with Glenn and Rebecca as well…they are a power couple, and they are a joy to be around. 

It's also worth mentioning while watching these episodes that I miss my good friends, Daylon and Landon. They were heavily involved in my life, and it's good to see them as much as possible. Their support has been nothing short of a blessing. 

One other scene worth mentioning is the tasting for the Gala. It was very emotional for me to talk about what this foundation means. It's the first time that I really felt like something inside me had changed. When speaking about what this is all about, and how I honestly believe that encouraging people to be better leaders and provide examples of how our youth can lead the future, my emotions got the best of me. This never happens. My heart is open, my outlook on life is changing, and life will never be the same. 

Please follow me on Twitter @mattnordgren and more importantly check out website at www.TheLeadershipFoundation.org (@LeadershipFound on Twitter). This is a non-profit, so all help and proceeds go directly to those who need it. God Bless. 

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Glenn may be sad about leaving Dallas, but he's looking forward to spending time with Rebecca.

Since this is the last episode, I am pretty bummed out! I am heading to Oakland, CA. Although I am going to miss all my friends here in Dallas, it's time for me to get back to work and start training for the football season coming up. Not to mention the fact that Rebecca lives in San Francisco and I will be able to hang out with her in such an amazing city (the same city where we first met).

It was fun getting Matt back out on the football field and having him throw the ball around with me and my buddy Brett (who is actually the punter now for the Houston Texans). I have known Brett for about eight years now and consider him the little brother that I always wanted.

It was hard for me at dinner to tell everyone that I was leaving. I didn't really know where to start, so I just came out and said it. I think I caught everyone by surprise, but they all knew eventually I was going to have to head back out there. They just didn't know when. I'm going to miss them while I am gone!

Neill's concert was a blast! She has such a catchy and pretty voice to say the least! It was definitely a good way to send me off, having everyone there and enjoying each other's company. I really hope this isn't the last time I talk with you guys. I enjoyed writing these blogs each week and hearing your responses.

In our downtime follow me on Twitter @glennpakulak. Until next time!