Matt Nordgren

Matt talks about his journey on the show and how his relationship with Courtney has changed.

on Oct 17, 2011

It's nice to see the whole season come to fruition. I look at this process as the journey of a man, which every guy goes through in life at different stages. I can honestly say that there may not have been another point in my life in which there was so much personal growth. The Leadership Foundation is what I believe to be a legacy, one that I hope far surpasses my own life and can be something the Nordgren family and all those involved will cherish and hold on to forever.

Through this process I hope everyone sees that people who are very close can put aside their differences and find the positive in relationships and therefore become closer than before. It's obvious that my relationship with Courtney has evolved tremendously. I don't think either of us will regret taking the steps that we have. I didn't think there was a way for us to become closer, but we did just that. This is a woman that I love and have tremendous respect for in every aspect of the word. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the both of us. The one thing I know is that it will never be the same.