Closer Than Ever

Matt talks about his journey on the show and how his relationship with Courtney has changed.

It's nice to see the whole season come to fruition. I look at this process as the journey of a man, which every guy goes through in life at different stages. I can honestly say that there may not have been another point in my life in which there was so much personal growth. The Leadership Foundation is what I believe to be a legacy, one that I hope far surpasses my own life and can be something the Nordgren family and all those involved will cherish and hold on to forever.

Through this process I hope everyone sees that people who are very close can put aside their differences and find the positive in relationships and therefore become closer than before. It's obvious that my relationship with Courtney has evolved tremendously. I don't think either of us will regret taking the steps that we have. I didn't think there was a way for us to become closer, but we did just that. This is a woman that I love and have tremendous respect for in every aspect of the word. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the both of us. The one thing I know is that it will never be the same. I feel very sad for Tara and her situation; no one deserves to be lied to and deceived the way she was. This is a person whose heart and passion for giving far exceeds most and is the least deserving of pain in her life. Whoever she ends up with will be a lucky man.

Drew also went through a ton of personal growth. I feel very strongly that Drew will find the person he is looking for, and that through his heartache, he will be better equipped to identify who that person is now that he knows himself so much better. I couldn't be any happier for lovely Neill and her amazing band. It's great to finally see her in a big performance and to hear that great voice. She is talented and passionate when it comes to music. They have a great group of people, and I know that career is only just beginning.

My boy Glenn, the longtime NFL kicker, is leaving us behind to do what he does best. Whether it works out in the long run or not, his head is in the right place with his life goals and business directions. He will no doubt be a lifelong friend.

I want to thank you all for the unending support through this process. I feel like there is so much left to do and I can promise this…it's only just the beginning. Stay tuned for what's to come…it's not over.

In the interim please follow what we are doing at and follow me on Twitter @mattnordgren. Through the website everyone can link to the foundation and see our calendar of big events to come raising money to make a difference in others' lives. Lastly, I have to thank Dallas, TX (the seventh and strongest character) for being the most amazing city a guy could ever live in. The support of the town and the people in it has been what made it so special all these years. It will forever be my home!

Who Run the World

Neill talks about her band's debut and being a single mother.

Hello there, beautiful people! Lots of love, love, love to you all! Thanks for hanging in with us here through all these episodes… Who'd have known everything would turn out the way it did? The good news is I believe everything happens for a reason. 

As far as this final episode goes, I don't have too much to say. I believe the majority of the episode speaks for itself… it was nice, funny, awkward, charming, and in the end, my band got to play! I was very happy we got some of that on the last episode. I love how they showed us (my band, Kitty LaLa) playing the song "Come Home With Me" as Matt and Courtney had an intimate stare/gaze-into-my-eyes-before-we-kiss moment... Hey, that's what I write for, moments like that!  

Anyway, the show was a success, and to conclude it all, I've got to give you a bit of my "behind the scenes/is it time to pull my hair out/what did I just do" inside scoop!

1. Filming a reality show is the most stressful job I've ever had in my life! 

2. I was writing and putting my band together as the show was being filmed… Talk about stress! Aside from the fact that I'm a new mother, that one really took the cake! Glad you all got to see a glimpse of our Dallas debut. Very proud of myself and the guys… Kitty LaLa killed it!

Thank you everyone for all of your sweet, beautiful, and encouraging words. It means a lot not only as a mother, but as a single mother finding her own path, a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur, and most importantly, a young woman coming into her own. I consider this experience as a true blessing. I see all the beauty that could've come from it along with everything in between… Thank you all for your sweet words and encouraging statements. Everyone on the show has been such a blessing to me and my son. I love all of you! 

I would love to hear from you (seriously!). You can contact me via Twitter @NeillSkylar or Facebook me (if my personal page is overloaded, just hit my fan page and I'll be sure to get back to you even quicker, hehe).

And please be sure to like my band Kitty LaLa or follow us on Twitter (preferably both) @KittyLaLaMusic! Here's our new music video, "Come Home With Me" --

Love you all so much! Please keep in touch! Muah! And for all those single mamas out there, let's stick together. If we can do all that we do, we might as well take over the world! All my love, heart, and soul to you all! God Bless! Once again… XOXO!