Matt Nordgren

Matt had a great time with M.J. but he's just not looking for a serious relationship.

on Aug 30, 2011

My evening with M.J. was interesting. She is clearly a beautiful woman and about as sweet as it gets. These are my favorite types of nights out now as I get older. I would much rather sit somewhere quiet over dinner or wine and have conversation. Here we get the chance to talk in depth about where we are in life, what we want, and how our minds work. This doesn't happen when you're in a bar or club. It was evident that she was looking and ready for something more serious, and the easy thing to do would be to go along with that. But I pride myself in being honest and open.  I wasn't shy about sharing the place I am in life right now -– I'm 28 and just starting to figure out who I am as a man. We both respect each other and went our separate ways.

My favorite part of this episode is without question the end. I don't know how many times that same thing has happened before actually. Because Court and I are both single, it's comforting to fall asleep on the phone together…well not fully asleep, a "goodnight" works much better than a snore. She and I have a special bond that I don't know how to describe to others. In life, sometimes words cannot describe situations, feelings, or things we are thinking. As long as you're genuine with your heart and actions, you don't need words. Just live and enjoy what God gives us. 

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