Matt Nordgren

Matt loves coming home to Courtney.

on Sep 19, 2011

We all really enjoyed Rebecca as well. Glenn and Rebecca have had one of those on and off again type of relationships for five years or so. I envy Glenn a little bit here, because no matter what turmoil life throws his way or hers, they seem to always have each other to fall back on and make sense of things. I guess this is what Courtney and I have been for each other over the years...consistency in life is not easy to find. 

Of course my favorite part is the end, where you guys get to see a little bit further inside what a special kind of relationship that Court and I have. It's true, my mother and Courtney are the only women to have the key to my household, and they both use it well. Coming home to Court makes me feel at ease and makes me feel like I'm really home. Life can be quite demanding, so to come home to someone you love is refreshing.