More Than Meets the Eye

You Never Know...

Who Run the World

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

A Beautiful Gas Station Dinner

Achy Breaky Heart

Closer Than Ever


The Rules According to Courtney

Ridin' Solo

Surface-Level Fun

A Fairy-Tale Romance

The Hooker Convention

It's All Happening

Timing is Key

Oh, Grace Kelly

A New Outlook

A Vocab Lesson

Not Sorry

Follow Your Heart

Boys Will Be Boys

Lip Lockin' and Talkin'

Accent Pieces

Operation Beaver Snatch

Dating Dilemma

Five Foot Fabulous

Honey, I'm Home!


Sakes Alive

In Character

For Whom the Belle Tolls


Giving Back

The Pursuit of Happiness


Let the Games Begin

Honest and Open

Rolling the Dice

Are You for Real?


Checking Baggage

More Than Meets the Eye

Matt was glad everyone got to see a new side of everyone this week.

I enjoyed this episode, because we get to see another side of each one of us. In particular I really enjoy seeing Drew's passion for DIFFA. It's a major deal in Dallas, and to be a part of it is a special thing. I was also on the committee a few years back and it is a rewarding experience to say the least.

For me, it's nice to see one of my passions in life...running. There's nothing better than good music, a great day, and a long run. See, I promise my life doesn't only revolve around dating and running around town... Although who doesn't enjoy those things, ha! I'm humbled by work, family, faith, an good, healthy living.

I hope you're all enjoying the show and watching this journey called life. Ask me any questions regarding any topic @mattnordgren on Twitter. Also visit my website for more contact info and detailed information on my foundation.