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Ridin' Solo

Neill's relived to be done with Matt's dating baggage.

I had a good laugh at myself when I looked at the camera and said, "I like being solo!" I looked at myself in the eyes through TV land and said, "Yo, Neill, if I didn't know you like 99% of viewers don't, I totally would've just shouted, 'That chick just LIED!'" and then my son threw a handful of cheerios at the screen, which instantly reminded me that I'm indeed not solo! Haha, OK, just had to get that off my chest! Moving on to the less important stuff… 

Now that Matt and his lovely Court are officially "courting" (only a little pun intended) one another, I no longer have to deal with that dating baggage! Yay! I used to think having a child was a lot to bring to the table (and it is), but Matt's "bestie" took the cake! I mean, Maj was at least super friendly and welcomed Matt with open arms (literally!), while I was greeted with jabs, I-don't-know-you-but-I-hate-you glares, "Where's your baby daddy," and "Why you do you have a baby, don't you know I want one?!" This all around awkwardness is over in that love triangle/square/or duplexathon (that's if you add the "ho train" as Court called it!) Honestly, whatever makes Matt happy makes me happy. I just can't help but laugh at it all just a little bit.

Matt's event was awesome! So amazing and very proud of him. Yay, Matt! (I just felt a glare from Court through my computer screen…weird.) His charity is going to be annual now, so it was clearly a great success! Woohoo!

OK, that's all I got for tonight! Bye, everyone! Have a beautiful night, say your prayers, and don't let the bed bugs bite, and if they do… well, get rid of them! Lots of love to you all! Talk to me anytime on Twitter @NeillSkylar where we can fall in tweet, tweet love together! Muahh! 

Neill Skylar and Maj 

PS: I got to thinking, if they get married (why did a really awkward song just come on my iPod as I wrote that?), do you think I may be invited to the wedding? Do you think Courtney would want Maj as the ring bearer, and more importantly, me as a bridesmaid? Just wonderin'…