Neill Skylar

Neill compares being attacked by a Southern belle to taking some hair spray in the face.

on Aug 15, 2011

So this is what I will proudly say.  I am very proud of myself, and I know someday my son will be too. I am going to provide a good life for my son and set a good, strong moral example for him as he grows up.  Yup. I’m doing all that. All on my own.  And I know from the bottom of my heart, just because I have a child, that doesn’t mean I have to lose sight of my goals. In fact, it’s important that I don’t. So say what you want to say! Think what you want!  I’ll still be positively driven and more passionate than most.  I’ll stay strong and nonjudgmental, and if you don’t like me, OK. We don’t have to be friends. And I won’t hold it against you. Still love you! One day you will understand. And despite any struggle or pain you encounter or feel right now, I can attest that “it gets better." In fact that inspired a song I recently wrote with my new band, Kitty LaLa… So slap some headphones on and take a listen HERE.

And check out me and Major!

Lots of Love and Happiness,

Neill Skylar