Tara Harper

Tara thinks dating is a crap shoot (and this week the odds of a good date were against her).

on Aug 29, 2011

Matt and Sexy Canadian 

Could there be a better-looking couple? Seriously, that was ridiculous! To me, this date seemed like it was straight out of a movie. 

Even though his date could've made most men commit to anything, Matt stood strong and didn't hurt the sexy Canadian by lying to her. He was honest and you can never fault him for that.

Yours Truly

Ah yes, this is the date that (in a million years) I never would've expected to turn out the way it did. I understand that everyone has an "off day," but this was out of control. On paper, my date was perfect: great personality, good looking, and knows a bunch of my friends. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!