11 Lamps So Glamorous They Should Have Their Own Instagram Accounts

Proof that lamps were meant to shine. 

You know how you’ve been feeling kind of bored with your decor lately, but can’t quite place why? It’s your lamp.

Pretty plain, isn’t it? I’ll bet you even chose it for that very reason. And you were correct: It doesn’t clash with any of the "more important" items in your decorating scheme, like your elegant sofa, or sleek coffee table. Instead it just kind of stands there blending into the background.

The thing is, though, lamps were meant to shine. Find the right one and it will single-handedly transform your entire room. I know this because I recently traded up from a plain-Jane torchière to what just might be the most glamorous lamp I’ve ever seen. Really. It’s gilded. It's tassled. It’s the definition of a statement piece.

It isn't the only bewitching design out there, though, as the stunning options ahead prove.

Anthropologie Dorrette Lamp

Renwil Arc Lamp

Opalhouse Rattan Arc Lamp

Adesso Otto Lamp

Wade Logan Akron Lamp

Adesso Doppler Lamp

Langley Street Bengtson Lamp

Corrigan Studio Sherlyn Lamp

Anthropologie Rose Arched Glass Floor Lamp

White & Gold 3-Light Task Floor Lamp

Opalhouse Lamp

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