Here's How We Can All Look Like Jenna Dewan Floating in a Pool This Summer

You can't have her abs, but you can have her pool float.

Jenna Dewan always looks picture perfect on her social media accounts, but she wants you to know that life is not always as amazing or picturesque as it might appear on Instagram. The dancer, actress and mom posted before and after pictures to her feed that she captioned, "Instagram vs. reality." In the first photo, she's blissfully lounging on a pair of angel wings and looking like nothing can touch her in this peaceful moment. But in the second image, she's on her way into the drink, thanks to her four-year-old daughter Everly, who wanted to join her mom. Oops!

Instagram vs. reality

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The photos are adorable and encapsulate exactly what it means to be a mom. But what we really can't our eyes off of is that gorgeous pool float! Take a page out of Jenna's book this summer with your own all-white version, hop in the pool and start taking selfies. 

Funboy Angel Wings Pool Float

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