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Kim and Alaska on Being Bi-Coastal

The couple talkes baby plans and apartment hunting.

What is it like living bicoastal? What are the best parts of each coast? The worst?

KIM & ALASKA: It's exhilarating but tiring at the same time. Since we travel together it feels like we're always on vacation. The best part of LA is the weather, the best part of New York is everything! The worst part of LA is the traffic, the worst part of New York the MTA.

What were your expectations going into life after marriage?

KIM & ALASKA: Having a stable life. Living on one coast at time, spending everyday with my husband.

If you if you could have your dream newlywed apartment what would it be? What was the hardest part of apartment hunting in NYC?

KIM & ALASKA: It would be a brownstone with a full backyard! Trying to fine a good price, size, and location all in one!

Having your baby nephew around, were you thinking about having a baby of your own early on?


How have your differences in PDA and affection affected your relationship?

KIM & ALASKA: Well there's no difference now, and we're actually on the same page with our PDA boundaries! And its going GREAT!!!

How do you balance your different wants and needs in your relationship, from different apartment dreams to sex life and PDA? 

KIM & ALASKA: We take a constructive approach to conflict resolution.