Blair's Wardrobe Malfunction

Blair and Jeff dish on all the wedding day details.

How did you decide who would give speeches at the rehearsal dinner?

JEFF: For me I was so nervous dealing with all my mixed emotions from being the center of attention, not having immediately family present, as well as the normal wedding jitters. So I left Blair in control of the speeches.

BLAIR: I was so consumed with socializing and welcoming guests that I wanted to make sure the speeches were done at the right time and that everyone would be able to enjoy them. So in typical Blair fashion, I went ahead and told the people I had in mind that "It's time for y’all to toast us!" Basically the people whom I would have chosen to be bridesmaids for Jeff and I were the people I asked to speak. It was so fun to hear all the funny stories! Sort of like a roast!

How has becoming closer with Blair’s family affected Jeff’s life? Was it hard not having Jeff’s parents there?

JEFF: I have not had a close relationship with my parents since as far back as I could remember, so it was an easy adjustment for me accepting Blair's family as my own. Quite frankly, the self-consciousness I felt in front of my parents made it an un pleasant experience for me to be around them. Whereas with Blair's family I feel like I can be myself, so having his family made the weekend a joy!

BLAIR: There were times I had wished they were there to see how beautiful it was and to show them all the love that Jeff had around him -- see what they were missing so to speak. It's funny because one time when Jeff and I were dating, he showed me a video tape of when he was the best man in his brother’s wedding over 20 years ago; he actually cried when he watched it. I wished Jeff's parents could have seen our wedding up close and enjoyed it the same way they did their straight son, but obviously that didn't happen. In fact, after they gave us a "wedding check," they never once asked us about the occasion, not even to see pictures. That was very hard for me.How did you feel when you pulled up to the ceremony and saw your friends and family there?

JEFF: I felt overwhelmed with love and support. And this is why heterosexual couples have this amazing celebration and ceremony.

BLAIR: I felt ecstatic. I was in a dreamlike state. I felt a bit like Cinderella, arriving in the carriage with her prince!

Who cried the most?

BLAIR: For once the dramatic tears came from both of us equally!

JEFF: I second that.

How bad was Jeff’s hangover the next morning?

JEFF: I have had worse!"

BLAIR: I think we were on such an emotional high we didn't really feel our hangovers until we got home from our that was BAD!What was it like hearing Blair’s song play at the wedding?

JEFF: Amazingly special. SO lucky to have my care Blair writing a song for me. I especially like dance music, and it had a great beat!


Was everyone surprised by Jeff’s dance moves?

BLAIR: I think all of our friends and family are used to Jeff letting loose from time to time and nothing really shocks them!

Did Blair have any more wardrobe malfunctions?

BLAIR: Nope! I think splitting my pants was enough. BUT, the worst part was we BOTH left our shoes at the venue and went home barefoot! Thank god they were there the next day!


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Couples Q&A: Toi and Rouvaun's 'Pretty Woman' Proposal

Toi and Rouvaun talk about their fairy tale proposal, the wedding, and their married life expectations. Tell us about the proposal! We want all the deets!

Toi Troutman-Walker: Rouvaun called me and said I had three hours to get ready. "Dress up," he said. Right on time, he showed up with roses and a limo. He told me to bring the roses with me. When we got to the limo it was off to Santa Monica for dinner at a gorgeous beach front restaurant with an amazing view. By happenstance, someone was getting married out there that day. 

Right at sunset, he got down on one knee right there in the restaurant and popped the question. Of course, I said yes and everyone applauded. As we were leaving, everyone wanted to see the ring, and complimented his taste in jewelry.

As we walked down the stairs, there were my rose petals! The driver had been instructed to pave my way with them. They were inside the limo too! It was all planned to the T. Very romantic.

Rouvaun Walker: I wanted to make my proposal like Richard Gere in Pretty Women. I had a limousine pick me up first and then we proceeded to go to Toi's downtown L.A. loft. We drove the scenic route to Malibu and dined at a restaurant facing the Pacific Ocean. I waited for the sun to set and then got of one knee and proposed to the love of my life. The whole restaurant clapped and congratulated us. What were you feeling in the days leading up to the wedding? What were you most nervous about? What were you most excited about?

TTW: Like any bride, I was extremely stressed leading up to the wedding. However, I was really looking forward to spending some time with my mother when she arrived. Unfortunately, she took ill on day one of her arrival and now we were unable to do ANY of what I had originally planned -- spa day, nails, hair...the whole nine. Her being hospitalized added even more anxiety to an already anxious time.

Three days before the wedding and my dress wasn't ready! I had to find someone who could alter it in no time flat! I wound up needing to have it taken in, which I guess in hindsight is a good problem to have. With only three days until the wedding, heaven knows I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it had it been too small.

The most exciting part of that time was writing my vows! I wanted to find the perfect words to sum up just how much I love my husband. I think I nailed it.

RW: The days leading up to the wedding, I just wanted the event to happen. It had been a long time coming and I was excited to say my vows. I don’t get nervous. Haha.I was truly excited about the rest of our lives. In Toi, I found my soulmate. The word soulmate is over used but in our case the connection we have is undeniable. We complement each other in so many ways and we even know what the other one is thinking in many cases. That connection was almost instantaneous. Therefore, I am excited to see what life brings us and going through it together is very exciting; feels complete. Looking back, what is your favorite memory of your wedding day?

TTW: My favorite wedding day memory would have to be our first dance! I also have a great memory of my son, Andorian, walking me down the aisle. Everyone was fighting back tears and the day was definitely full of love. Funny thing is, Rouvaun and I had a talk about it before hand and he was certain he wouldn't cry. I joked that he didn't actually love me if he didn't cry, and since he wasn't going to cry, neither was I! No messing up my makeup. So as it turns out, we did way more laughing than crying at our wedding.  We left the crying to everyone else...namely my cousin, Hope.

RW: Seeing Toi in her wedding dress for the first time was my favorite memory. What were you most looking forward to in married life?

TTW: I was looking forward to never referring to him by his name anymore. He's never Rouvaun now. He's always, "My Husband!" I didn't think I would love cooking and taking care of him the way I do, but I actually enjoy coming up with dishes and creating special moments in the kitchen. And even more surprisingly, I actually enjoy just sitting down watching TV together. Hanging out with Rouvaun is even fun when we aren't talking. That's when you know you are really connected.

RW: Not going through the ups and downs of life alone, being able to share the successes and failures with someone who has absolute faith in me and in all treat me the same (with love). 

Also, building a family unit that is the foundation for our generation, just like our grandparents did. Family is very important to us and we both care very much about the generation before us and after us (our kids). 

I am just one of those guys built to be married. I just had to find Toi again; I let her go once but not this time.


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