Blair's Wardrobe Malfunction

Blair and Jeff dish on all the wedding day details.

How did you decide who would give speeches at the rehearsal dinner?

JEFF: For me I was so nervous dealing with all my mixed emotions from being the center of attention, not having immediately family present, as well as the normal wedding jitters. So I left Blair in control of the speeches.

BLAIR: I was so consumed with socializing and welcoming guests that I wanted to make sure the speeches were done at the right time and that everyone would be able to enjoy them. So in typical Blair fashion, I went ahead and told the people I had in mind that "It's time for y’all to toast us!" Basically the people whom I would have chosen to be bridesmaids for Jeff and I were the people I asked to speak. It was so fun to hear all the funny stories! Sort of like a roast!

How has becoming closer with Blair’s family affected Jeff’s life? Was it hard not having Jeff’s parents there?

JEFF: I have not had a close relationship with my parents since as far back as I could remember, so it was an easy adjustment for me accepting Blair's family as my own. Quite frankly, the self-consciousness I felt in front of my parents made it an un pleasant experience for me to be around them. Whereas with Blair's family I feel like I can be myself, so having his family made the weekend a joy!

BLAIR: There were times I had wished they were there to see how beautiful it was and to show them all the love that Jeff had around him -- see what they were missing so to speak. It's funny because one time when Jeff and I were dating, he showed me a video tape of when he was the best man in his brother’s wedding over 20 years ago; he actually cried when he watched it. I wished Jeff's parents could have seen our wedding up close and enjoyed it the same way they did their straight son, but obviously that didn't happen. In fact, after they gave us a "wedding check," they never once asked us about the occasion, not even to see pictures. That was very hard for me.How did you feel when you pulled up to the ceremony and saw your friends and family there?

JEFF: I felt overwhelmed with love and support. And this is why heterosexual couples have this amazing celebration and ceremony.

BLAIR: I felt ecstatic. I was in a dreamlike state. I felt a bit like Cinderella, arriving in the carriage with her prince!

Who cried the most?

BLAIR: For once the dramatic tears came from both of us equally!

JEFF: I second that.

How bad was Jeff’s hangover the next morning?

JEFF: I have had worse!"

BLAIR: I think we were on such an emotional high we didn't really feel our hangovers until we got home from our that was BAD!What was it like hearing Blair’s song play at the wedding?

JEFF: Amazingly special. SO lucky to have my care Blair writing a song for me. I especially like dance music, and it had a great beat!


Was everyone surprised by Jeff’s dance moves?

BLAIR: I think all of our friends and family are used to Jeff letting loose from time to time and nothing really shocks them!

Did Blair have any more wardrobe malfunctions?

BLAIR: Nope! I think splitting my pants was enough. BUT, the worst part was we BOTH left our shoes at the venue and went home barefoot! Thank god they were there the next day!


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Couples Q&A: Sam and Laura After The First Year

Find out what Samantha and Laura Leigh Abby learned in their first year -- and their advice for new couples! How was your life changed since your first year? 

Samantha AbbyI think I enjoy life a little differently now. I'm going through it as a family and not as an individual anymore. Laura and I have grown closer as a couple. I think we understand our partnership more now than ever. I think we respect each other's independence and opinions and know how to collaborate when we need to. 

Laura Leigh Abby:  To be honest it hasn’t changed a lot. We’ve been a pretty strong team for a while now –- but we have been planning for our future more than ever and really considering how best to not only create but to raise a family together. What did you learn from your first year? 

SA: I learned how important family and friends are. It's not easy airing our all your dirty laundry to the public eye. The fact that we have such a strong support system through it all makes it all completely worth it. If anything I've learned how lucky we are.

LLA: That I may not be perfect but I chose the perfect wife. Do you have any advice to new newlyweds?

SA: Remember to communicate with one another. You have "your" person now, someone who will be by your side for all the good and all the bad. If you don't talk to one another, they won't magically know whats wrong. If you communicate they will want to fix it. 

LLA: Enjoy it! Marriage is a union of two into one, and it’s important to keep that in mind when you disagree or when times are tough. Communicate, be patient, and enjoy each other -- time flies!




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