Blair's Wardrobe Malfunction

Blair and Jeff dish on all the wedding day details.

How did you decide who would give speeches at the rehearsal dinner?

JEFF: For me I was so nervous dealing with all my mixed emotions from being the center of attention, not having immediately family present, as well as the normal wedding jitters. So I left Blair in control of the speeches.

BLAIR: I was so consumed with socializing and welcoming guests that I wanted to make sure the speeches were done at the right time and that everyone would be able to enjoy them. So in typical Blair fashion, I went ahead and told the people I had in mind that "It's time for y’all to toast us!" Basically the people whom I would have chosen to be bridesmaids for Jeff and I were the people I asked to speak. It was so fun to hear all the funny stories! Sort of like a roast!

How has becoming closer with Blair’s family affected Jeff’s life? Was it hard not having Jeff’s parents there?

JEFF: I have not had a close relationship with my parents since as far back as I could remember, so it was an easy adjustment for me accepting Blair's family as my own. Quite frankly, the self-consciousness I felt in front of my parents made it an un pleasant experience for me to be around them. Whereas with Blair's family I feel like I can be myself, so having his family made the weekend a joy!

BLAIR: There were times I had wished they were there to see how beautiful it was and to show them all the love that Jeff had around him -- see what they were missing so to speak. It's funny because one time when Jeff and I were dating, he showed me a video tape of when he was the best man in his brother’s wedding over 20 years ago; he actually cried when he watched it. I wished Jeff's parents could have seen our wedding up close and enjoyed it the same way they did their straight son, but obviously that didn't happen. In fact, after they gave us a "wedding check," they never once asked us about the occasion, not even to see pictures. That was very hard for me.How did you feel when you pulled up to the ceremony and saw your friends and family there?

JEFF: I felt overwhelmed with love and support. And this is why heterosexual couples have this amazing celebration and ceremony.

BLAIR: I felt ecstatic. I was in a dreamlike state. I felt a bit like Cinderella, arriving in the carriage with her prince!

Who cried the most?

BLAIR: For once the dramatic tears came from both of us equally!

JEFF: I second that.

How bad was Jeff’s hangover the next morning?

JEFF: I have had worse!"

BLAIR: I think we were on such an emotional high we didn't really feel our hangovers until we got home from our that was BAD!What was it like hearing Blair’s song play at the wedding?

JEFF: Amazingly special. SO lucky to have my care Blair writing a song for me. I especially like dance music, and it had a great beat!


Was everyone surprised by Jeff’s dance moves?

BLAIR: I think all of our friends and family are used to Jeff letting loose from time to time and nothing really shocks them!

Did Blair have any more wardrobe malfunctions?

BLAIR: Nope! I think splitting my pants was enough. BUT, the worst part was we BOTH left our shoes at the venue and went home barefoot! Thank god they were there the next day!


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Couples Q&A: The Knights on Baby Plans and Aha Moments

Kirk and Laura Knight dish on that awkward baby talk, weight loss and fishy situations. Tell us about the awakening moment Kirk had. Laura, you seem to know how Kirk’s mind works pretty well, did you choose that wedding photo to plant the seed for Kirk?

Laura Knight: Kirk had been expressing concern about his weight gain for some time, but was having difficulty putting the wheels in motion when it came to diet and exercise. I knew it would be a wake-up call to look at the wedding pictures --  it certainly struck a chord with him. . .

Kirk Knight: I couldn’t believe how fat I actually was until looking through our wedding photos. It was eye opening to say the least. I haven’t been oblivious to my weight gain, but when you see yourself every day you don’t see the dramatic difference that a photo or video of yourself can provide. I am a very confident man, but I have to admit that seeing myself gain so much weight has really taken a toll on my self-image. When I first met Laura, I was 40 lbs. (that is Forty pounds with a capital F) lighter than I am now. This is completely unacceptable. It feels like this has come out of the blue, but the reality is I have been working hard to gain this weight. Now, as I look back over the recent past -- there has been no self-control for eating, a lack of discipline to go to the gym and exercise, and no matter who you are if you don’t eat right and exercise consistently you will gain weight, period. Time for a gut check (no pun intended) and some clear-cut rules to get back to game shape.

I couldn’t believe how fat I actually was until looking through our wedding photos. Do you two always support each other with areas you would like to grow in?

KK: Laura and I are always supportive of the good and the bad we face together and individually. Teammates don’t just acknowledge the good, but also the bad. This is a partnership and if I let myself go physically, it’s not fair to me or my partner. We both need to be healthy mentally and physically. If one of us is struggling with something, you can bet the other has taken on the problem like it was their own. So, I guess there goes my breakfast in bed with bacon, toast, and orange juice. I think it’s going to be oatmeal, fruit, and water for breakfast now. We are loving watching the fish drama -- how big of an impact are the fish on your Newlywed marriage?

KK: The fish are a much loved hobby of mine. It gives me a sense of pride and also helps me redirect my stressful thoughts. I do spend a lot of time working and caring on the tank as well as a lot of money (as I so candidly expressed to the public). I feel it’s good for all of us to have hobbies together and individually.

LK: I had two rules when he bought the aquarium: 1) keep the tank clean and 2) don’t leave aquarium supplies/equipment scattered around the house. Sometimes, Kirk will prioritize the fish when we have greater tasks at hand, which can be very frustrating. But, I do like that he uses his fish tank hobby as a means to decompress -- we all need that. To be honest, I enjoy having it in the house more than I had anticipated (I even name the fish)! Kirk has quite the sense of humor! Laura – does Kirk’s sense of humor ever rub you the wrong way? Kirk, do you think you ever go too far?

LK: Kirk’s sense of humor is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. We laugh out loud and often! I grew up with my father working as a "shock jock" on the radio -- always saying something wildly inappropriate. My mom and I call it "Don’s book of inappropriate things to say." So, yeah, I feel right at home with Kirk and his family!

KK: I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind, especially when I believe it to be funny. I always think shock value and the "did he really say that" make a lot of situations memorable. That said there are times when I say something that even I feel, "Sh-- that may have been a little too inappropriate." But, all this from the guy who told his kids what sex was when they were seven and five. Yes, that is young, but before you say anything, know that I only told them about the top five positions, hair pulling, and that some girls don’t like to be spanked. So that was very responsible. Tell us about the big baby talk at dinner. How were you both feeling walking away from this convo?

KK:  I was too drunk to remember. . .Just kidding. Laura and I have talked about having a child and it’s not that I don’t want to, it is that maybe right away isn’t best. We just got married and I enjoy our free life, our city views, and our ability to do whatever we want. I just feel we need some time.

LK: We have had many baby talks over the years. Having a child is the biggest decision a couple could make together and both parties need to be on the same page. I just happen to be ready now! I was feeling super nostalgic at our Christmas Carol dinner -– thinking about the holidays and our traditions that we have made together as a couple. Talking with Kirk made me realize that he is not there yet. I heard his concerns about his health and decided to focus on helping my husband and giving him time.


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