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Blair's Wardrobe Malfunction

Blair and Jeff dish on all the wedding day details.

How did you decide who would give speeches at the rehearsal dinner?

JEFF: For me I was so nervous dealing with all my mixed emotions from being the center of attention, not having immediately family present, as well as the normal wedding jitters. So I left Blair in control of the speeches.

BLAIR: I was so consumed with socializing and welcoming guests that I wanted to make sure the speeches were done at the right time and that everyone would be able to enjoy them. So in typical Blair fashion, I went ahead and told the people I had in mind that "It's time for y’all to toast us!" Basically the people whom I would have chosen to be bridesmaids for Jeff and I were the people I asked to speak. It was so fun to hear all the funny stories! Sort of like a roast!

How has becoming closer with Blair’s family affected Jeff’s life? Was it hard not having Jeff’s parents there?

JEFF: I have not had a close relationship with my parents since as far back as I could remember, so it was an easy adjustment for me accepting Blair's family as my own. Quite frankly, the self-consciousness I felt in front of my parents made it an un pleasant experience for me to be around them. Whereas with Blair's family I feel like I can be myself, so having his family made the weekend a joy!

BLAIR: There were times I had wished they were there to see how beautiful it was and to show them all the love that Jeff had around him -- see what they were missing so to speak. It's funny because one time when Jeff and I were dating, he showed me a video tape of when he was the best man in his brother’s wedding over 20 years ago; he actually cried when he watched it. I wished Jeff's parents could have seen our wedding up close and enjoyed it the same way they did their straight son, but obviously that didn't happen. In fact, after they gave us a "wedding check," they never once asked us about the occasion, not even to see pictures. That was very hard for me.How did you feel when you pulled up to the ceremony and saw your friends and family there?

JEFF: I felt overwhelmed with love and support. And this is why heterosexual couples have this amazing celebration and ceremony.

BLAIR: I felt ecstatic. I was in a dreamlike state. I felt a bit like Cinderella, arriving in the carriage with her prince!

Who cried the most?

BLAIR: For once the dramatic tears came from both of us equally!

JEFF: I second that.

How bad was Jeff’s hangover the next morning?

JEFF: I have had worse!"

BLAIR: I think we were on such an emotional high we didn't really feel our hangovers until we got home from our that was BAD!What was it like hearing Blair’s song play at the wedding?

JEFF: Amazingly special. SO lucky to have my care Blair writing a song for me. I especially like dance music, and it had a great beat!


Was everyone surprised by Jeff’s dance moves?

BLAIR: I think all of our friends and family are used to Jeff letting loose from time to time and nothing really shocks them!

Did Blair have any more wardrobe malfunctions?

BLAIR: Nope! I think splitting my pants was enough. BUT, the worst part was we BOTH left our shoes at the venue and went home barefoot! Thank god they were there the next day!


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John's Brownie Disaster

Get the inside scoop on John's Valentine's Day surprise for Kathryn.

Describe what you each felt when you found out the pregnancy test results were positive.

John: The first reaction for me was, “Wow I have supersonic sperm.” I hear from all my friends how hard it is to get pregnant, and this was our first try and we nailed it. The second thing I was thinking was, “Wow I'm going to be a dad.” I really have no idea or was ever trained to be a dad. I usually ask a lot of questions from older, successful people on business. I never asked anyone how to be a dad or read any books. Everyone says it’s instincts. I hope I get it right!

Kathryn: I was in pure shock. I mean, I knew we were trying, but it had not even been a month! I honestly didn’t think the test results were going to be positive or I would have waited and took them with John. A friend of mine that I was having lunch with that day said I looked different, and by different she meant pregnant. I insisted that I just enjoyed myself a little too much on our honeymoon and I was gaining weight, but I was certainly NOT PREGNANT… But that night I went home and thought, “Could I be?” Maybe she did see soothing more than just a few extra honeymoon bliss pounds, so I took the test. I was in shock for the rest of the night, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t believe it, wanted to believe it, but no, pregnant? Not me. I had dreamed of this moment, but the reality was far different from how I thought I would feel…it was simply incredible!Kathryn, why did you get so upset with John’s sister when talking about the pregnancy?

Kathryn: Well first off, let me say this: she could have started the conversation by saying “Congrats, I’m so happy for you guys,” or, “Can’t believe you’re pregnant, way to go!” Any of those comments would have been fine with me. Instead she talks to me -- a pregnant, extremely hormonal sister-in-law -- about her friends having miscarriages and the possibility of the pregnancy test being false. She continued to go on and on about all the negative scary things that a pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear, so who wouldn’t get upset? I could have done without her Debbie Downer advice all together.
Did John really not know the proper way to measure half a cup?

John: I knew there was such a thing as a measuring cup. But, I was in the moment and I thought it was close enough.

Did the pregnancy weight gain strain the relationship in any way?

John: The weight gain (and let’s not forget the bowel movements) did strain our sex life, but not our relationship. Actually I can’t explain this, but our relationship got better -- go figure. When your wife gains weight, I learned my lesson that you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING PERIOD! But of course I didn’t listen to my own advice at the time. I can’t hold anything in. I wish I could!

Kathryn: Yes, absolutely. I mean, we stopped being intimate right away. Even before I blew up, I think John was freaked out about getting close to me knowing our baby was growing inside me. As a woman who was newly married, I had fantasies of our first year together as being all about us, me his sexy new blushing bride and sex galore. What ended up happening was I felt gross, bloated, fat, and the last thing on my mind was getting close to John or being intimate in any way sexual. On the flip side, it helped us get closer emotionally. We really got to know one another and be there for one another in more ways than just sexually. We learned about each other and bonded in a very special way. It was not how I thought we would start our first year as husband and wife together, but in a way it was still nice, different but special just the same.Was John glad he approved the purchase of the Valentine’s Day outfit?

John: It really doesn’t matter to Kathryn whether I approve her purchase or not, she will buy it either way. I just like to know a head of time what the damages are before the credit card statement comes in. My advice to others is save your money before you get married and have a child. I had no idea how expensive it is.

How did the rest of the Valentine’s Day night turn out? Did the brownies give John food poisoning?

John: I should have used vegetable oil and a measuring cup. Who knew I would have had a terrible stomach ache after eating those brownies? Hands down the worst brownies I had ever eaten, but I made them out of love and I went to the rest room very nicely the next day.

Kathryn: I think the appetizers, dinner, and dessert at the steak house didn’t help his situation either. We went home feeling full and tired. I didn’t think our romantic night would end with me rubbing his belly, but it was definitely a first Valentine’s Day as hubby and wife to remember. Rubbing his tummy and telling him to feel better freaked me out a bit; I felt like his mommy not his wife. Needless to say I haven’t rubbed his tummy since.


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