Couple Q&A

Get each couple's perspective on the first year of marriage.

on Jun 24, 2013

What advice would you give to a Newlywed couple after your experiences during your first year of marriage? What lessons have you learned?

ALASKA & KIM: Compromise is a must. The best way to approach this is to make sure you choose your battles wisely. Because sometimes it just isn't worth a battle. It doesn't matter who is wrong or right (or who wins).

We found out about your love for adventure on your honeymoon in Mexico, have you had any more adventures since then?

ALASKA & KIM: Every day is an adventure in the world of Kilaska. We try to escape as much as possible even if it is during a work trip.

Are you still a bi-coastal couple? How did you both feel about the relationship discussion on the beach?

ALASKA & KIM: Yes we are still bi-coastal. I think the discussion was great besides the "girlfriend for life" comment, which was supposed to be a "sarcastic joke" LOL!