Couple Q&A

Get the inside scoop on John's Valentine's Day surprise for Kathryn.

on May 20, 2013

Describe what you each felt when you found out the pregnancy test results were positive.

John: The first reaction for me was, “Wow I have supersonic sperm.” I hear from all my friends how hard it is to get pregnant, and this was our first try and we nailed it. The second thing I was thinking was, “Wow I'm going to be a dad.” I really have no idea or was ever trained to be a dad. I usually ask a lot of questions from older, successful people on business. I never asked anyone how to be a dad or read any books. Everyone says it’s instincts. I hope I get it right!

Kathryn: I was in pure shock. I mean, I knew we were trying, but it had not even been a month! I honestly didn’t think the test results were going to be positive or I would have waited and took them with John. A friend of mine that I was having lunch with that day said I looked different, and by different she meant pregnant. I insisted that I just enjoyed myself a little too much on our honeymoon and I was gaining weight, but I was certainly NOT PREGNANT… But that night I went home and thought, “Could I be?” Maybe she did see soothing more than just a few extra honeymoon bliss pounds, so I took the test. I was in shock for the rest of the night, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t believe it, wanted to believe it, but no, pregnant? Not me. I had dreamed of this moment, but the reality was far different from how I thought I would feel…it was simply incredible!