Couple Q&A

Get the inside scoop on John's Valentine's Day surprise for Kathryn.

on May 20, 2013

Kathryn, why did you get so upset with John’s sister when talking about the pregnancy?

Kathryn: Well first off, let me say this: she could have started the conversation by saying “Congrats, I’m so happy for you guys,” or, “Can’t believe you’re pregnant, way to go!” Any of those comments would have been fine with me. Instead she talks to me -- a pregnant, extremely hormonal sister-in-law -- about her friends having miscarriages and the possibility of the pregnancy test being false. She continued to go on and on about all the negative scary things that a pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear, so who wouldn’t get upset? I could have done without her Debbie Downer advice all together.
Did John really not know the proper way to measure half a cup?

John: I knew there was such a thing as a measuring cup. But, I was in the moment and I thought it was close enough.