Couple Q&A

Get the inside scoop on John's Valentine's Day surprise for Kathryn.

on May 20, 2013

Did the pregnancy weight gain strain the relationship in any way?

John: The weight gain (and let’s not forget the bowel movements) did strain our sex life, but not our relationship. Actually I can’t explain this, but our relationship got better -- go figure. When your wife gains weight, I learned my lesson that you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING PERIOD! But of course I didn’t listen to my own advice at the time. I can’t hold anything in. I wish I could!

Kathryn: Yes, absolutely. I mean, we stopped being intimate right away. Even before I blew up, I think John was freaked out about getting close to me knowing our baby was growing inside me. As a woman who was newly married, I had fantasies of our first year together as being all about us, me his sexy new blushing bride and sex galore. What ended up happening was I felt gross, bloated, fat, and the last thing on my mind was getting close to John or being intimate in any way sexual. On the flip side, it helped us get closer emotionally. We really got to know one another and be there for one another in more ways than just sexually. We learned about each other and bonded in a very special way. It was not how I thought we would start our first year as husband and wife together, but in a way it was still nice, different but special just the same.