Couple Q&A

Get the couple's reaction to John's sister's unusual speech at the baby shower.

on Jun 10, 2013

Is John still a "Mr. Hire-it" vs. a "Mr. Fix-it"?

KATHRYN: John is most certainly still a “Mr. Hire It.” He has his good friend come over and put together all sorts of things like the T.V. and stereo system in the bathroom, closet rods for me and the baby’s clothes. John even went as far as nicknaming him “Rent a Husband.”

I am kind of over getting him to put together all the baby’s toys and furniture I’ve bought over the internet. One time he spent an entire day trying to fix something and in the end it still wasn’t done. I have to say I prefer to spend time with him and the baby doing fun stuff like going to a fair or out shopping rather than watching him get frustrated over putting something together. John may still be a “Mr. Hire It” kind of guy, but it frees up his time to be there for me and his son just the way we like it.

JOHN: I hate fixing things; it’s a waste of my time. Perfect example: I’m at Glow Tanning Salon and I was trying to replace a light bulb. Simple right? Well it took me two hours because the casing was broken. I had to go to the store to buy a new light casing. I can’t express how much I hate putting together or fixing things, it could ruin my whole day.