Couple Q&A

Tina, Tarz, and their parents share their reactions to the wedding day drama.

on May 6, 2013

Can you describe the proposal?

TINA: Sure, we could describe the proposal if there actually was one! It’s hard to surprise someone with a proposal when you figure out you’re getting married a couple weeks after your first date! Seriously, the very first time we went to meet Tarz’s parents, he called them and said something like, “Hey Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, I’m coming over with that girl, Tina, who I told you about the other day-and by the way, she will be your daughter-in-law. So, um, hope you like her!”

TARZ: Yeah, it would have been tough to surprise Tina with a ring because she’s so incredibly Type-A. If she didn’t choose every little stone, color, angle of each prong, etc, it would be the beginning of the end. We actually did have sort of a proposal, but it was more like an SNL parody skit. Tina and I really love to laugh together, and since she already knew it was coming (and knew exactly what the ring she had designed looked like) we acted out the cheesiest most cliché ways to propose, such as dropping it in a glass of champagne, or putting it in a piece of cake. Then I would present it to her, and she would fake complete surprise!

TINA: Yeah, we were doing silly proposal skits and just dying laughing that whole night. We may not have a lot of baby-making action in our lives, but we have some serious best-friend fun together! It was as perfect as a fake non-proposal can be!