Camille talks boyfriends, and defends her comments about Jessie's school.

Jul 22, 2009

Hi everyone,

Since I didn’t write a blog about the last episode (actually the last two episodes, but the third show didn’t have much to do with me anyway) I’m going to try and write about both the fourth and fifth episodes now. So just as a disclaimer I’ll be writing about some topics from the yesteryears of last Tuesday as well as the episode that airs tonight. For some quick recent news about me, my cat Abby was sick and we had to put her down this week. So I completely understand now how Kelli felt when her dog Lilli passed away, and the emotions that she expressed at the funeral.

In the last episode Sebastian was working really hard to capture Taylor’s attention, and I believe that at any other time Taylor would have quite appreciated his actions. But Cole had just stepped back into Taylor’s life and she needed some time to think about her relationship with Cole before giving Sebastian a concrete answer. After watching the show and seeing how sweet and endearing Cole and Taylor are together, I think that Taylor might have made a good decision by choosing Cole.