Camille talks boyfriends, and defends her comments about Jessie's school.

Jul 22, 2009

Speaking of sweet and endearing those would definitely be two words that I wouldn’t use to describe my attitude towards Dan during our date last episode. I will fully admit that I didn’t make it easy for him to talk to me, but everyone should understand that sometimes first dates can sometimes be awkward and that feeling of discomfort is elevated when there are four cameras filming your every move! Like PC, who enjoys saying audacious things when times get awkward, I seem to get a touch (OK, well more then just a touch) sarcastic when things get awkward and boring. It is a very bad habit, and I’m working on it, but sometimes being a little mean can make things more interesting – but only if you explain your actions to the other party later. I think both Dan and I realized that the date was lacking in conversation but we did get a chance to talk about it afterwards so there are no hard feelings.

On to my lack-of-a-boyfriend situation: although there are exceptions, the majority of girls I know who live in the city do not have a boyfriend. When you live in New York, you are constantly meeting new people and expanding your friend circles based on the sheer concentration of individuals. At least for me, when you are always meeting new guys, it is hard to think about settling down with one for your high school years. I guess that’s what I meant by ‘high standards’ not necessarily that I’d never considering dating anyone “subpar” (which by the way is never a word I would usually use) but it is my nature not to settle down and have a boyfriend, so if I were to ever have one in high school he would have to be someone I was truly infatuated with.