Camille gives you the inside scoop on her run-in with Jessie!

Aug 12, 2009


Wow, well that definitely was a finale; “Charitable to a Fault” seemed to not only be the title, but the theme for the entire episode.

But what exactly constitutes a “charity” for the NYC Prep crowd? Taking Taylor under your wing? “Saving” PC from himself? I thought the focus of a charity was to help the ones in need.

My collision with Jessie over Operation Smile is an example; I really wanted to help, even to the point of writing a letter to people in my school informing them about the organization. But Jessie’s main concern was who was going to get the credit.

Jessie’s “babysitting” comments were totally condescending and out of line. The fact is that I started to try to get people from my school involved in the organization as we discussed, and I gave her my information with the understanding that she would contact me. Why would I spend so much time trying to join an organization and then not follow through? In my opinion, it’s the responsibility of the leader to quickly reach out even if only to say ‘here is my email address.’ If I fail to follow-up then it’s my fault for not taking the initiative. All I was given was a vague “join the Operation Smile facebook group.” I’m not anywhere close to perfect and I could have been better at follow-up by joining every Operation Smile facebook group that exists (you’d be surprised at the number). But personalities aside, in the end I’ll blame it on miscommunication and that’s my “charitable” analysis of our argument. And let bygones be bygones.