What's it like to grow up in NYC? Camille sets the record straight.

Jun 23, 2009

Taylor’s party was fun in a very awkward way. Kelli and I didn’t know anyone there so at the beginning the conversation was a little halted. But it got less awkward when Kelli and I started to get to know Taylor and her friends, and when we (meaning I) started talking a lot (meaning non-stop). If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly the shy wallflower type, and Taylor was 100% correct when she said that I’m talkative.

When Kelli and I met PC it was blatantly obviously that he wasn’t the shy type either. To repeat, it really does take a lot of courage to do a double cheek kiss. LOL. We didn’t really get to talk to PC though, because Jessie summoned him away pretty quickly. My first impression of Jessie was that she really didn’t care about Kelli or me at all, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t remember our names after we introduced ourselves. She definitely gave me the feeling that Kelli and I were just not good enough to be associated with her, and I guess I was right considering what she told PC in the car afterwards.

The dinner with PC and Kelli was quite interesting. When Kelli asked me to go to dinner with her, I didn’t realize that PC thought it was a date. Kelli and I obviously didn’t think that PC was expecting a romantic evening for two, or I would have never shown up. When Kelli and I mentioned being grounded PC immediately turned on the “I’m so much older then you because I’m a senior” attitude which was funny because I know plenty of people (older and younger) whose parents will punish them if they do something bad. After that he kept acting like he was so much older and more mature than we are, just because he’s a senior and we’re both juniors. But to be completely serious, we’re all in upper school so the difference in actual real-life maturity from one grade to the next isn’t huge. Yes he is technically older then me by a year (I’m going to be 18 in September) so the age difference isn’t that much.

Although we’d all love to think that we are “mini-adults” (and I’m guilty of thinking that many times) we are just teenagers and the most naïve thing we could say is that we aren’t naïve. No matter where you’ve traveled or whatever life experiences you’ve encountered along the way, maturity comes with time and to legitimately believe that you are eons more mature than someone because you’re a year older is a little ridiculous. But aside from PC’s comment about Kelli and me being young and ignorant, he was fun to talk to and fun to have dinner with. He just seemed as if getting a rise out of two younger girls was much more entertaining then typical dinner conversation, and he was definitely right about that.