Kelli wasn't always a private school girl... let her explain.

Jun 24, 2009

Well, initially I had no idea what to expect after five months of filming for NYC Prep! While watching, certain parts surprised me. However, I was completely aware of what I signed up for and in my positive mindset, chose to focus on the good. Emotionally, there were many laughs and jaw-dropping moments, as I was able to also watch the other cast members and their experiences. As a viewer, who was there for the live footage, I found certain moments very comical seeing how they turned out on TV! I was very happy they showed a snippet of me singing, which for me, was the primary reason for doing the show! So I’m glad there was some focus on that.

There is some validity to NYC being all about connections, however it does feel good to accomplish something on your own terms, rather than having to “pull strings."  However, in terms of singing, connections can be very helpful. Growing up in the Hamptons was an amazing experience, but my parents decided to move my brother and me back to New York City last year. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was excited. One thing that wasn’t revealed was that I wasn’t raised a private school girl. I’m able to relate to cast members who receive their educations from both public and private schools, although I still find that kids are kids, no matter what. As far as what it would be like to live independently with my brother, I have to be honest- I don’t know, because that is not the situation I’m in despite how it may seem. Out of all of my friends, I feel like I have the strictest parents! - IRONIC- I’m often grounded, which you see in the first episode!