Kelli wasn't always a private school girl... let her explain.

Jun 24, 2009

To set the record straight I would love to explain my family’s living situation. My father works in the city, and stays with my brother and me during the week. My mom comes in a few nights during the school week, and then goes back to the Hamptons to be with my sister Chelsy, who is 21. Then, as a family, we go back to the Hamptons on the weekends. I swear it’s not as crazy as it sounds! Safety is never at risk! Don’t call CPS - hahahah!

Sebastian. Sebastian is very relaxed and easy going- a trait I love in a FRIEND-just a friend. He’s a good shopping buddy! When Taylor and Sebastian were getting close at Japanois, I was not affected. I was there with Camille, and there to have a good time, which I did!

I’ve always felt age is just a number when it comes to HIGH SCHOOL students! As far as the difference between juniors and seniors, aside from college preparation and standardized test taking, there is none! As for the comment after I said I didn’t smoke. I’m a singer, of course I don’t smoke. After watching, despite some recent press, it was a good experience and hopefully will enable me to pursue my career in singing with assistance from Bravo- and I hope the same for the other cast members as we all pursue different goals throughout the show.