Get insider scoop from the producer on what you didn't see at Zoe's party and in PC's therapy session.

Jun 30, 2009

I just got back to NYC from Los Angeles yesterday and am blogging from Café Gitane… my favorite downtown café. It’s an insanely beautiful day and even though every day in Los Angeles is insanely beautiful, I feel a great joy for life here in NY that I rarely do on the West Coast. I’ve lived in LA for nearly a decade now (which is freaking crazy) and when I came to Manhattan to shoot “NYC Prep," I decided I’d be open to the possibility of moving back here for good. I’ve worked in NY before (“Growing up Gotti” & “Real Housewives of NYC”), but this was the first time I considered making a permanent move. Well I had so much fun on this show that last week I packed up my Los Angeles apartment, sold my car, and signed a one year lease on a New York apartment. Next chapter of life starts now.

The centerpiece of episode two of “NYC Prep” is Zoe’s party. Zoe is a classmate of Jessie’s and was kind enough to let us shoot her eighteenth birthday party, which was very exciting for us to cover because it was the first private school party we were able to shoot for the show. Now this may be an obvious assertion but shooting a party that has a DJ, dancing, low lighting, takes place in a large space, and is being attended by most of the cast and their friends is what one refers to as a production nightmare! Luckily, we had a truly talented and tireless production team and crew and it was while shooting Zoe’s party that we first realized that we had become an unstoppable well-oiled machine.

A lot happened that night (Camille/Jessie confrontation, Kelli getting upset, Cole showing up, and Sebastian & Taylor’s full on lip-lock) and somehow we captured it all on tape. What we didn’t have time in the episode to show you was Jessie flirting with the DJ (check out their “date” in the bonus clip) and Dan (the long haired guy who Camille is dancing with) asking her out.