Get insider scoop from the producer on what you didn't see at Zoe's party and in PC's therapy session.

Jun 30, 2009

Earlier in the show you got to see Sebastian and Taylor’s first date. The full two-hour date was actually a lot more awkward. As it was happening, I remember being at a complete loss on whether it was going really well or really badly. It was kind of impossible to tell. Then I remembered that even though Sebastian and Taylor often act like adults they are sophomores in high school, one of the most awkward stages in life, and even though they seemed uncomfortable with each other to me, they were actually completely comfortable and communicating in a way that made sense to them. Afterward, I realized they both had a great time and were completely into each other.

Finally, I wanted to touch on PC’s therapy session. This is probably my favorite part of the episode because I love getting into a persons head and PC did not hold back. It really touched me when he spoke about quitting ice hockey because he wasn’t the very best. I was glad the therapist called him out on being way too hard on himself because PC is insanely hard on himself. During the full session they spent a lot more time on this topic and it became evident that PC is working hard to assuage his fears of not being the best at something and that the therapist is one of the best in the industry (loved her!). You’ll be able to see PC tackle some of these fears as well as another therapy session in future episodes.

Thank you for reading my second blog (and for watching the show!). Feel free to leave me comments (both positive and negative) or ask me any questions you would like answers to in next weeks blog. Hope you enjoy episode two and keep watching because the episodes only get better!