Executive Producer Lenid Rolov blogs from the perspective of PC and Jessie!

Jul 21, 2009

I wanted to start this week by congratulating our production coordinator, Dena Twain, on her engagement to Tim. Dena is one of the loveliest folks I have ever had the honor of working with and Tim is a lucky dude. Yaay Dena!

There have been a lot of requests in the comments section for PC and Jessie to blog so I’m going to write this blog from their prespective. Hopefully this will appease some of you (and if not… I tried). So here goes…


Hey guys. This was one of my favorites so far because the producers finally went into my goals and ambitions… and more importantly you got to meet my Mom (how cool is she!). My Mom’s having such a tough time dealing with me graduating high school and leaving home. We’re like best friends so it’s going to be tough on us both. I’m very lucky to have known that I want to do marketing and public relations for fashion ever since I can remember, which has allowed me to jumpstart my career even while I’m still in high school. The interview I had to endure to work for Charlotte Ronson was brutal (love you Matt)! I had no idea it was going to be a group interview and so high pressure. Plus I was in a room competing with girls way older then me. But I knew in my heart I wanted that job and could do it better then any of them.