Executive Producer Lenid Rolov blogs from the perspective of PC and Jessie!

Jul 21, 2009

Can you believe Camille’s attitude when she came over to my house to discuss getting a position on Operation Smile!? Are you kidding me… she was rude and offensive. I think being nice to her that day was harder then the Charlotte Ronson interview. I just kept thinking if I only keep smiling soon this will end.

I was really surprised to see the moment my mom walked into the kitchen on the show. She was trying to duck down to avoid the cameras and I guess she thought if she kept turning her head it wouldn’t make the show. I’m glad it’s there. My mom is the best… and she has a great relationship with my friends. PC loves her and she loves PC… sometimes she even jokes about adopting him. Speaking of PC… I love love loved seeing him at the photo shoot… so outside his element. I’ve never seen PC lift a finger so it was awesome to see him put to work. We’ve been friends forever so it’s really great to see him getting serious about his future.


This episode was kind of a turning point for me. Like I told the therapist… I really was ready for a change. I guess since I’m about to graduate high school, I started feeling it was time to approach situations differently. Growing up in NYC is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but there is so much excess it’s easy to get on a self-destructive path. It was for me anyway. Lately, as I barrel toward adulthood, I’ve really wanted to make healthier decisions and it was during the time of this episode that I made some major changes.

There are few situations that I find myself in that make me nervous… hardly any at all really. So I can’t say I was nervous during my photography apprenticeship. I was just… overwhelmed. I had no idea what the hell I was doing that day. On most first days of work, you fill out some paperwork and meet your cooworkers. Not on this day! They worked me hard… and had some fun at my expense at the same time. I knew immediately this was a group of people who loved their jobs and I would enjoy learning from them and also partying with them. It’s all about new experiences and this was absolutely a new experience for me.