Taylor sets the record straight about her party, and explains the difference between public and private school in NYC.

Jun 23, 2009


Hello everybody,

I hope you all enjoyed the first episode, cause it made me cringe a bit. Simply, because it was the worst 5 seconds out of the hours filmed that was chosen to make the first episode. Hopefully you guys will get to know me better as the season continues. You will get to realize that I’m quite idiosyncratic and strange and not nearly as boring as the first episode portrayed. Now to get to go what did see in this first episode starting with my party...

This party was held over December break. Everyone was away and I decided to have a party because, breaks in the city can feel simply put, dragged out. Now, usually, everywhere I go is a pretty fun party but this one pretty much sucked. Since so many people were away it was quite boring. So, when Camille said, “How did you get forced into being here?” there should have been a moment when I should have felt enraged, but there wasn’t. I was actually thinking the same thing myself, but more like, “How can I escape?”

Mixing my friends from private and public school wasn’t even the issue here. I love my friends from public school and I love my friends from private school. Each and every one of them are different and some of my public school friends actually have more money that some of my friends from private school. I think the real difference between my private and public school friends are that my public school friends tend to be less naïve. And actually are more independent. They rely less on connections to get places they want to go.

In this first episode PC mentions how the city is all about connections and I guess this just proves the point about how the city is different for everyone. Some people meet people for the connections, others meet people to expand their horizons. Every person living in the city has a different life and that’s the wonderful thing about the Big Apple. You can make so much out of every experience here and the experiences tend to be so grand you could never imagine how amazing life here is until you’ve lived it.