Taylor talks about her date with Sebastian, and the awkward run-in with her ex Cole.

Jun 30, 2009


How did you all like the second episode? I think this episode enabled you to glimpse into my life a little further although, trust me, you don’t really know me yet, hopefully soon you will though.

You at least got to see how awkward I could be, while I was on my first date with Sebastian. If I learned anything from this episode it’s that I laugh way to much, it was even making me uncomfortable. I guess that’s because I find every aspect of life fascinating, plus I can really entertain myself, even in the most boring of situations with my thoughts alone.

Anyways, the date went well and I enjoyed getting to know Sebastian further. Even though he can be portrayed as a player, he really is a great guy. Just like my ex, Cole. Even though you guys didn’t get to know him, he really is one of the best guys I know. It was still, of course, awkward when he showed up at Zoe’s party simply because I will always have feelings for Cole. He was the first guy I really liked and when you put him in a room with me and a guy I’m seeing, there is going to be some tension. I tend to create this type of awkward moments a lot, as you will see as we head further into the season. The funny thing is that I don’t really mind them all that much. So even as awkward as it was, the party was still enjoyable.