Taylor talks about her date with Sebastian, and the awkward run-in with her ex Cole.

Jun 30, 2009

I was pretty glad when Cole left though because Sebastian seemed like he was getting a bit upset. Sort of like how I was feeling when Camille and Kelli were bombarding me with questions about my date with Sebastian. I don’t usually kiss and tell and I tend to keep my feelings to myself, I just don’t feel like everything needs to be shared. But apparently Kelli and Camille both want to just know “all the gossip.” If knowing the “juicy tidbits of others lives” makes them happy, then whatever, let them gossip. I just might have to restrain from shopping trips with them as I like my shopping trips to be quick and peaceful, as shopping gives me enough angst to start out with (I really am not a fan of shopping unless I’m looking for something in particular).

Also, shopping at intermix didn’t make it any better. I’m sorry, but spending $500 on a shirt when in a third world country where a child only needs $500 to survive for an entire year disgusts me. I truly hope all of you feel that way as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode and got to know me a little bit better! Talk to you next week!

Love, Taylor Paige