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High Standards

Camille talks boyfriends, and defends her comments about Jessie's school.

Hi everyone,

Since I didn’t write a blog about the last episode (actually the last two episodes, but the third show didn’t have much to do with me anyway) I’m going to try and write about both the fourth and fifth episodes now. So just as a disclaimer I’ll be writing about some topics from the yesteryears of last Tuesday as well as the episode that airs tonight. For some quick recent news about me, my cat Abby was sick and we had to put her down this week. So I completely understand now how Kelli felt when her dog Lilli passed away, and the emotions that she expressed at the funeral.

In the last episode Sebastian was working really hard to capture Taylor’s attention, and I believe that at any other time Taylor would have quite appreciated his actions. But Cole had just stepped back into Taylor’s life and she needed some time to think about her relationship with Cole before giving Sebastian a concrete answer. After watching the show and seeing how sweet and endearing Cole and Taylor are together, I think that Taylor might have made a good decision by choosing Cole.

Speaking of sweet and endearing those would definitely be two words that I wouldn’t use to describe my attitude towards Dan during our date last episode. I will fully admit that I didn’t make it easy for him to talk to me, but everyone should understand that sometimes first dates can sometimes be awkward and that feeling of discomfort is elevated when there are four cameras filming your every move! Like PC, who enjoys saying audacious things when times get awkward, I seem to get a touch (OK, well more then just a touch) sarcastic when things get awkward and boring. It is a very bad habit, and I’m working on it, but sometimes being a little mean can make things more interesting – but only if you explain your actions to the other party later. I think both Dan and I realized that the date was lacking in conversation but we did get a chance to talk about it afterwards so there are no hard feelings.

On to my lack-of-a-boyfriend situation: although there are exceptions, the majority of girls I know who live in the city do not have a boyfriend. When you live in New York, you are constantly meeting new people and expanding your friend circles based on the sheer concentration of individuals. At least for me, when you are always meeting new guys, it is hard to think about settling down with one for your high school years. I guess that’s what I meant by ‘high standards’ not necessarily that I’d never considering dating anyone “subpar” (which by the way is never a word I would usually use) but it is my nature not to settle down and have a boyfriend, so if I were to ever have one in high school he would have to be someone I was truly infatuated with.

One thing really annoyed me during this week’s episode. Although it seems I only care about community service to fatten my college application – that isn’t the truth. I believed strongly in community service and I have an active record helping people before (and after) the Operation Smile opportunity ever came up. For example I’ve donated a lot of time helping people pass the high school equivalency test, the GED.

My meeting with Jessie regarding Operation Smile didn’t go exactly as I thought it would, maybe because we are like oil and water. What I said about her school, which by the way is not an easy school to gain admission into, was just a stereotype that I now know is incorrect. I meant no offense and apologized to Jessie off air however it made no difference, she insisted on taking my statement way too personally. I made an innocent mistake and I do not believe that would be a reason to bar me from helping out with the organization.

Charity by definition should be selfless and should focus on the individuals needing help and not the individuals giving the help. By Jessie not allowing me to help earn money for children’s cleft palate surgery just because I unintentionally insulted her school makes the charity more about Jessie and her personal feelings towards me than the children suffering from cleft palate. If Jessie believed that I just wasn’t going to do work for the organization (which is not even close to my personality to veer away from working hard) then she would be justified in not letting me join. But her reasons were purely personal and therefore I do not think they would be warranted. There can never be too much help or too much money for a charity.

Until next week,


P.S. For the record, I heard that Jessie’s school does have Earth Day off; I believe it’s called “Green Team” day.

A City of Energy Vampires

Camille talks Harvard tours, high school boyfriends, and her chat with Sebastian.

Hello All!

This was the second to last episode (or penultimate in SAT books) of the show and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by for me. As the show comes to its dénouement it really begins to encapsulate the high-intensity lifestyle that most people in New York experience, and what makes the city unique. Candace Bushnell is famous for writing Sex and the City and I love her description of New York as:

"...a city of energy vampires – people really feed on each others’ energies and that’s why New Yorkers talk fast and gesture and they’ll come in and say ‘Oh my God you won’t believe what happened!’ That’s a normal greeting in New York."

One example of this is Taylor’s relationship with Cole; in a very short time-frame Cole went from being the ex-boyfriend, to boyfriend, to the ex-boyfriend yet again. If no one understood why I didn’t want a serious boyfriend in high school, can you understand now? While having a boyfriend certainly comes with “benefits” it can also add to the unnecessary and sometimes petty drama that I already get from other aspects of my life even without the quickly changing tides of relationships. I like both Taylor and Cole and I really hope that they can either work things out or move on amicably.

Regarding this episode’s first scene, here’s a French word for Sebastian: touché. I love verbal jousting and being witty (although witty is basically just a fancy word for smart aleck,) but Sebastian really did get me at our meeting at the art gallery. I think both Sebastian and I have different means of attaining the same end (i.e. staying single,) so neither one of us can fully empathize with the other’s situation (or for that matter give each other advice.)

The tour of Harvard was something I’d been holding my breath for. Not only is it a school I am interested in, it was my first real college tour. Any High-Schooler will tell you that imagining four years of pure independence is fun – but walking around and realizing that I will be going to college in less than a year was really exciting. I’m so glad Kelli and Maite were there to support me through the tour because it was very…interesting. Scarlett was appropriately dressed in scarlet and all she lacked were the horns and a forked tail to complete her ensemble. Or better yet I can picture her in a hoop skirt and bonnet standing in front of Tara, clutching a musket to defend the plantation from Yankees like me.

Although Scarlett’s appearance was costumed I don’t think anyone could doubt her intellectual capability. Don’t worry; after Scarlett’s theatrics we did get a better look at the university when the cameras weren’t filming as we went to classes and public informational tours. However, I think that Kelli said it best: she wants to visit several schools before setting her sights on any particular institution.

Get ready for next week’s finale – I think it’s going to be crazy...