Kids are Kids

Kelli wasn't always a private school girl... let her explain.

Well, initially I had no idea what to expect after five months of filming for NYC Prep! While watching, certain parts surprised me. However, I was completely aware of what I signed up for and in my positive mindset, chose to focus on the good. Emotionally, there were many laughs and jaw-dropping moments, as I was able to also watch the other cast members and their experiences. As a viewer, who was there for the live footage, I found certain moments very comical seeing how they turned out on TV! I was very happy they showed a snippet of me singing, which for me, was the primary reason for doing the show! So I’m glad there was some focus on that.

There is some validity to NYC being all about connections, however it does feel good to accomplish something on your own terms, rather than having to “pull strings."  However, in terms of singing, connections can be very helpful. Growing up in the Hamptons was an amazing experience, but my parents decided to move my brother and me back to New York City last year. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was excited. One thing that wasn’t revealed was that I wasn’t raised a private school girl. I’m able to relate to cast members who receive their educations from both public and private schools, although I still find that kids are kids, no matter what. As far as what it would be like to live independently with my brother, I have to be honest- I don’t know, because that is not the situation I’m in despite how it may seem. Out of all of my friends, I feel like I have the strictest parents! - IRONIC- I’m often grounded, which you see in the first episode!

To set the record straight I would love to explain my family’s living situation. My father works in the city, and stays with my brother and me during the week. My mom comes in a few nights during the school week, and then goes back to the Hamptons to be with my sister Chelsy, who is 21. Then, as a family, we go back to the Hamptons on the weekends. I swear it’s not as crazy as it sounds! Safety is never at risk! Don’t call CPS - hahahah!

Sebastian. Sebastian is very relaxed and easy going- a trait I love in a FRIEND-just a friend. He’s a good shopping buddy! When Taylor and Sebastian were getting close at Japanois, I was not affected. I was there with Camille, and there to have a good time, which I did!

I’ve always felt age is just a number when it comes to HIGH SCHOOL students! As far as the difference between juniors and seniors, aside from college preparation and standardized test taking, there is none! As for the comment after I said I didn’t smoke. I’m a singer, of course I don’t smoke. After watching, despite some recent press, it was a good experience and hopefully will enable me to pursue my career in singing with assistance from Bravo- and I hope the same for the other cast members as we all pursue different goals throughout the show.

A City of Energy Vampires

Camille talks Harvard tours, high school boyfriends, and her chat with Sebastian.

Hello All!

This was the second to last episode (or penultimate in SAT books) of the show and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by for me. As the show comes to its dénouement it really begins to encapsulate the high-intensity lifestyle that most people in New York experience, and what makes the city unique. Candace Bushnell is famous for writing Sex and the City and I love her description of New York as:

"...a city of energy vampires – people really feed on each others’ energies and that’s why New Yorkers talk fast and gesture and they’ll come in and say ‘Oh my God you won’t believe what happened!’ That’s a normal greeting in New York."

One example of this is Taylor’s relationship with Cole; in a very short time-frame Cole went from being the ex-boyfriend, to boyfriend, to the ex-boyfriend yet again. If no one understood why I didn’t want a serious boyfriend in high school, can you understand now? While having a boyfriend certainly comes with “benefits” it can also add to the unnecessary and sometimes petty drama that I already get from other aspects of my life even without the quickly changing tides of relationships. I like both Taylor and Cole and I really hope that they can either work things out or move on amicably.

Regarding this episode’s first scene, here’s a French word for Sebastian: touché. I love verbal jousting and being witty (although witty is basically just a fancy word for smart aleck,) but Sebastian really did get me at our meeting at the art gallery. I think both Sebastian and I have different means of attaining the same end (i.e. staying single,) so neither one of us can fully empathize with the other’s situation (or for that matter give each other advice.)

The tour of Harvard was something I’d been holding my breath for. Not only is it a school I am interested in, it was my first real college tour. Any High-Schooler will tell you that imagining four years of pure independence is fun – but walking around and realizing that I will be going to college in less than a year was really exciting. I’m so glad Kelli and Maite were there to support me through the tour because it was very…interesting. Scarlett was appropriately dressed in scarlet and all she lacked were the horns and a forked tail to complete her ensemble. Or better yet I can picture her in a hoop skirt and bonnet standing in front of Tara, clutching a musket to defend the plantation from Yankees like me.

Although Scarlett’s appearance was costumed I don’t think anyone could doubt her intellectual capability. Don’t worry; after Scarlett’s theatrics we did get a better look at the university when the cameras weren’t filming as we went to classes and public informational tours. However, I think that Kelli said it best: she wants to visit several schools before setting her sights on any particular institution.

Get ready for next week’s finale – I think it’s going to be crazy...