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Personal Moments

Kelli remembers her dog, Lilli.

I was especially nervous to see this episode. I exposed my family life including some personal moments and wasn’t sure how it would pan out. So I’ll get right into it. When I’m in the Hamptons, I’m in my true comfort zone; it’s my home. There, I spend time with my sister Chelsy- who you’ve met this episode.

Chelsy is the most incredible person, and I admire her greatly. She currently is working on her Masters Degree and just started a non-profit organization for disabled people- all at the age of 21. Chel’s website is Check it out- it’s an incredibly worthy cause and really inspiring to watch my sister's hard work start to pay off. Other than spending time with my family, I get to enjoy my mom’s cooking! I’m also able to see and be with my best friends who live out there year-round, and of course, I get to be with my dogs too.

In this episode, you witness the passing of a very important member of my family. If you have a dog, or really any pet, you know that they become a really significant part of your life, so it was very painful to watch and basically relive that sad moment. With the cameras there, it turned a very private matter-public, which made it harder for my family and me. Lilli was, as you all saw, an adorable and loving dog who meant a lot to us, and we miss her everyday.