Carrie Mashaney

Quick Facts

HometownCarpenter, IA ProfessionChef de Cuisine, Aragona Culinary EducationSeattle Central Community College, Baking and PastryFavorite Simple Fall Dessert Date Cake with Amaro Gelato

Chef Carrie Mashaney works as the chef de cuisine at Aragona, following Jason Stratton from Spinasse. Having attended baking and pastry school in Seattle, her early culinary focus was on the sweet side but she quickly realized she loved cooking savory as well. Her style of cooking focuses on simple flavors and more traditional cooking techniques. While she has trained in Italian and most recently Spanish restaurants, she most enjoys cooking Mexican, Vietnamese, and Caribbean cuisines at home. In her free time, she participates in Crossfit and currently has a personal record of 49 double under jump ropes.