Gina Keatley

Quick Facts

HometownBoston, MA ProfessionDietitian and Founder, Nourishing USA, Harlem, NY Culinary EducationB.S. Nutrition, New York University; A.S. Culinary Arts and Favorite Simple Winter RecipeRoasted vegetables with figs and pancetta

Gina is a culinary author, award-winning dietitian and founder and CEO of Nourishing USA, a community food program that feeds tens-of-thousands across America. Utilizing her professional and educational experiences, Gina has become known for her food-focused appearances, cookbooks, her campaign for the use of fresh foods in low-income areas, and as an American Diabetes Ambassador. She has been recognized for her charity work, being named a 2011 CNN Hero and L’Oreal Woman of Worth. Additionally, The Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, American Culinary Federation and The James Beard Foundation have recognized Gina for her culinary and humanitarian impact. If she could have a last meal with anyone, it would be steamed blue crabs with her husband and family, with the bibs, hammers and newspaper on the table.