Josh Altman

Josh Altman is one of the most well-known real estate agents on the planet. In the past decade, Josh and his brother Matt Altman of The Altman Brothers have changed the game of Los Angeles real estate. Constantly pushing the envelope, they are responsible for selling over 3 billion dollars worth of real estate, putting them in a category that few have accomplished in the history of residential real estate sales. By selling over a million dollars of real estate per day, They are on their way to selling 400 million this year alone. Holding dozens of records, the Wall Street Journal has recognized them as the number one team in Los Angeles repeatedly year after year. 

 With access to over one billion dollars worth of listings in the Los Angeles area alone, it is said the Altman's have the "Key to the City." Specializing in high-net-worth clientele, Josh and Matt's connections worldwide allow them to strategically market the most expensive unique properties in Los Angeles to REAL buyers. In addition, their rolodex is the who's who of the entertainment business. 

A best-selling author with It's Your Move,  a mentor and coach to thousands of real estate investors around the world, and with a dozen residential development projects spread over Los Angeles, Josh is just getting started. 

Earlier this year, Josh and his wife Heather Bilyeu Altman welcomed their new baby girl Alexis to the world.