Lawrence Thompson

Lawrence "LT" Thompson is Rosie Pope's fashionista assistant who is not afraid to tell it like it is. LT spent his childhood as the fifth in a line of six children, and experienced childcare first-hand by helping take care of his nieces and nephews before he was a teenager.

Originally from Virginia, LT's big break came when he had the opportunity to tour Europe as part of the cast of an off-Broadway show, which lead to a gig around Japan as a singer and performer. Shortly after, LT moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he studied marketing and advertising. His love for fashion prevailed, and after college he did public relations for fashion companies and magazines.

LT met Rosie when she was pregnant with her first child, J.R., and he helped Rosie open her first store. LT says, "Rosie Pope Maternity was the perfect challenge for me, as it was a way to use my fashion skills in a very tough market." LT's musical career continues, performing in underground NYC clubs with his group, the Kiki Twins.

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