Quad Webb-Lunceford

Yes, the "Black Barbie" is back! Miss Quad burst on the scene and stole our hearts with her quick wit and fun-loving personality. Always the life of the party, the reputable business owner, fashion icon, and philanthropist married renowned psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford in 2012. Quad is more than just a pretty face with a sharp tongue. As one-half of the dynamic duo, Quad, a former medical sales representative, has stayed on the professional career path, foraging the way for her own empire. Always dressed to impress and doing it for the gods, the consistently impeccable new partner for BCBG is committed to inspiring everyone around her to look their best, including her two very pampered pooches, Khloe and Kar’rie. Merging her passion for fashion and deep vested interest in the kind care of animals, Quad launched her own puppy couture clothing line Picture Perfect Pup. Philanthropically, Quad is an enthusiast of animal rights organizations and anti-bullying efforts, including Canine Companions for Independence and The Kind Campaign. Quad, who dances to the beat of her own drummer often says, “I did not ‘marry medicine,’ medicine was lucky enough to marry me.” For all of Quad’s updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @absolutelyquad and www.quadisverybusy.com.

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