Shepard "Shep" Rose

Quick Facts

Age34 HometownHilton Head Island, SC ProfessionRaconteur

Shep Rose grew up in Hilton Head Island where he cut his teeth on sports, troublemaking, and general tomfoolery. From there he attended boarding school in Virginia; it was here that he discovered The Grateful Dead and the exhaust feature on a window unit in a dorm room, which was a revelation at the time. He then took his innovative spirit to the University of Georgia; he spent five illustrious years in beautiful Athens, Georgia. Rules were broken, feelings weren't spared, late nights were attended, in all, there are too many stories to sift through to do his time there justice. It was kind of a blur. After a brief interlude in Charleston post-college, where he had a girlfriend the entire time and generally behaved himself, he took his talents to Palm Beach because his father thought he was spinning his wheels professionally. It was here in South Florida that he vigorously worked in the resort development business and partied with some ridiculous and highly entertaining aristocrats in the consequence-free environment of Palm Beach Island. After three years of extremely rewarding debauchery, he applied and was accepted to Owen School of Business in Nashville, Tenn. He proceeded to summarily dominate the great city of Nashville. During the summer, he was able to get an internship in Dubai, a wonderful and hilarious experience which he will never forget. I dare say that these were the salad days for young Rose. For the fall of 2008 was about to bring to his doorstep a global financial crisis -- one that sent him into a personal and professional tailspin, as he returned to his place of origin in Hilton Head and took to the age old comforts of the bottle. Now, we find Rose rising from the ashes in Charleston, S.C. Older, wiser, kinder, gentler, and ready to tackle life's curve balls.