This Trump Exec's Wedding Was Sabotaged by the Groom's Mistress

She got mad ... and even.

Trump Organization exec Brianna Ehland and laundry heir trust-funder Cory Perlson went on with their wedding after a woman launched an Instagram account filled with shots proving she’d had an affair with the groom in the months before the wedding.

We told you it was good.

According to Page Six, last weekend’s lavish nuptials between the two still went forward as the woman — a Vegas bottle waitress named Mayra Angel — began posting her pictures under the Instagram account ­@a.summer.affair just hours before the ceremony. In a devilish move, she also used the couple’s wedding hashtag on her posts and marked them with the geotag of their wedding venue, the Oheka Castle on Long Island.

The pictures have since been removed by Instagram.

Perlson’s attorney, John Jones, tells Page Six his client has filed for a restraining order against Angel and that he is pursuing criminal charges against her. He is claiming he’s only met Angel three times and doesn’t know her all that well. He denies they ever had sex — meanwhile, Angel has his initial tattooed on her rib cage.

Angel says she was never presented with a restraining order and denied having attempted to contact Ehland or Perlson.

In the latest turn of events, it’s now rumored Perlson also took Angel along with him to his bachelor party in Saint-Tropez and Mykonos.

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